Sea to Jungle Adventure


Small, intimate groups of 6-8 people

Montezuma, Costa Rica
MARCH 23-28TH, 2025

Reset & Rewire Retreat

A 5-day retreat combining local cultural immersion, nature adventures & self-awareness practices.

Montezuma, Costa Rica

Reset & Rewire Retreat

Based in Montezuma, Costa Rica, this deep dive retreat combines local cultural immersion, nature adventures & self-awareness practices.

Montezuma, Costa Rica



Our retreats are deeply transformative experiences combining adventure and meditation practices for people who desire to reconnect with themselves, connect with others, and refuel their passion for life.

True Crescent Retreats provide deeply transformative experiences aimed at reconnecting with your mind and body through engaging in both stimulating and relaxing activities.

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We will take badass adventures in surfing, waterfall hikes, and zip-lining to signal a new level of stimulation.

Catch your first waves or uplevel your surfing skills with our badass surf instructors.


Zip through sky and over the jungle or walk the trail to enjoy what nature has to offer in a truly exhilarating experience.


Hike through nature, experience the beauty of the jungle and the incredible life force of water.


We will engage in practices to combat daily stressors and reach true, deep, relaxation of your body and mind.

Learn to train your awareness, gain perspective over your thoughts and how they drive your actions, emotions, and results. (Don’t worry, naysayers, we have some tricks up our sleeve)


The culmination of how our brains process what is happening in our lives, the stories we tell, the thoughts we think, and the results we create for ourselves.


Integrate into the culture with local Tico families and experience life as it was meant to be lived in one of the world’s Blue Zones.


high-end &
intimate experiences

retreat experiences are limited to 8 people or less to create an optimal environment for connection to self and others.


“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

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Interested in designing your own retreat or wish to book an entire experience with your own group?

Interested in
coaching with me?

Find out more about me and how I can help you uplevel and find balance in your life.



“Before working with Amy, I was seeking a coach who could help me in my personal growth. I had patterns from childhood that were still persisting in my day to day life. I have tried coaching and therapy in the past. Amy really helped me in identifying the patterns of thinking that were holding me back in life with compassion, understanding, and thoughtful insights.
She is very intuitive, genuine, and caring. She is able to identify any issue, get to the root of the problem, and provide very practical solutions. It is also very helpful that she is a physician mom like myself, and provides that unique support I’ve been looking for in a coach/mentor.”


“Before working with Amy, my thoughts and feelings were heavily dictated by external factors. I was not excited about my life. I lived in a place of blame and victimhood, and my favorite place to be was in my “drama box.” I felt an intense need to get out of my current work/financial situation, but this came from a place of desperation.
Amy has helped me understand and recognize my thought patterns. This has allowed me to find a calm and steadfast approach to any situation. One that comes from within and no longer dictated by external factors. I no longer fear situations, but understand I have the tools, am capable of overcoming any outcome.
Since working with Amy the quality of my relationships, especially with my husband, has improved. My communication has improved because I now understand my thoughts/feelings and take ownership of what I bring to the table. I have also been able to reframe my work/financial circumstance and have cut back time at work. Life has shifted to more ease and fun instead of the constant hustle/grind/exhaustion.
The quality of my life, and my relationship with myself and others have changed over the last 1.5 years of coaching with her. I no longer dread my life and it feels really good. I credit Amy and the work she has helped me with.”


“Before working with Amy, I knew that I had some mental blocks that I didn’t think therapy was the best route but instead needed just a different way of viewing things. Having a coach is like having a glorified best friend who just knows exactly all the right things to say to reframe your limitations and your thoughts on life!
I had not tried any other forms of coaching or therapy, but my boyfriend actually set me up with Amy. Although I was hesitant at first (because of course I’m fine and I can do everything on my own) having a coach was exactly what I needed.
The biggest thing I can take away from working with Amy is reframing how I think and having a different view on my limitations in life. I have taken back control of my life instead of feeling like my life is controlling me.
The biggest accomplishment that I have achieved recently since working with Amy is landing my dream job of working remotely as a nurse in cancer research. I was unhappy working at the bedside and thought I would be stuck, but after talking with her about my job situation from the beginning I felt more confident in making that change and not feeling scared or limited by my fears.
I would absolutely recommend Amy as a life coach if you’re feeling stuck and wanting a change. She can help you reframe how you view your life and will give you endless support and feedback without judgment. Even if you are hesitant at first like I was, you won’t regret it.”