Reconnect with yourself and the world around you…

Deep dive coaching & retreats for people who are looking to find balance in their lives

The type of people that I work with are top-notch.

They are high-achieving professionals in every corner of the work world, business, finance, medicine, law, etc.

They know about hard work and what it takes to become successful.

They also know how easy it is to lose yourself in that climb. How easy it is to tip the balance of life, work, and self… becoming out of balance.

Through my work in coaching and retreats, I help you to find that balance again and reconnect with yourself.

In this fast-paced world it’s easy to lose sight of yourself and become caught up in the day-to-day grind and stress of work, relationships, and to-do lists. Taking time out for ourselves simply becomes another item on the list of things-to-do. Over time, our bodies, our brains, and our psyches lose balance, and our souls get lost in the shuffle.
“Not until we are lost do we begin
to understand ourselves.”

– Henry David Thoreau


Reset, rewire and reconnect in an exotic, adventure retreat in Costa Rica. Great for couples & friends.


Find the self-awareness and freedom to release old patterns, rewire new ones, & refuel your passion for life.

Reconnecting with yourself means learning how to release old habits and patterns, rewire your brain and nervous system, revitalize your passion, and refuel the potential in your career, life, and relationships.


“…I have tried coaching and therapy in the past. Amy really helped me in identifying the
patterns of thinking that were holding me back in life with compassion,
understanding, and thoughtful insights…”


“…The quality of my life, and my relationship with myself and others have changed over the last 1.5 years of coaching with her. I no longer dread my life and it feels really good. I credit Amy and the work she has helped me with. Life has shifted to more ease and fun instead of the constant hustle/grind/exhaustion...”


“…The biggest thing I can take away from working with Amy is reframing how I think and having a different view on my limitations in life. I have taken back control of my life instead of feeling like my life is controlling me. I would absolutely recommend Amy as a life coach if you’re feeling stuck and wanting a change...”



I currently practice as an ophthalmologist specializing in the field of Medical Retina. I am also a life coach, mentor, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Fellowship Program Director, advocate for women in medicine, and mother of 2 amazing children.

I am passionate about medicine, both scientific and holistic. My true desire lies in a culmination of both the scientific, holistic, and natural healing powers of our body and mind.

Among my deepest loves is spending time in one of the world’s blue zones, the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica where the jungle meets the ocean. I love sharing this experience with others through one-of-a-kind retreat experiences and transforming ourselves.

About Amy Babiuch, Transformational Life Coach


Small, intimate groups of 6-8 people

Montezuma, Costa Rica
MARCH 23-28TH, 2025

Reset & Rewire Retreat

A 5-day retreat combining local cultural immersion, nature adventures & self-awareness practices.

Montezuma, Costa Rica

Reset & Rewire Retreat

Based in Montezuma, Costa Rica, this deep dive retreat combines local cultural immersion, nature adventures & self-awareness practices.


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